The B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber is both a military craft of importance and a cultural icon of American power. After developing from the necessity of the Cold War, it continues to be a well-funded and cared-for aircraft in the US military. The bomber’s stealth technology is one of the most advanced in military history, which lends to a heightened sense of pride among Americans. This website will explore how the B-2 came to be, its military use, its cultural impact, and its legacy as one of the greatest pieces of technology within the US military.

“Documentary” explores these facets more in-depth, with visual aids and a fully written transcript. “Antecedents” explores the type of technology that led to the making of the B-2. “Use” shows the development and use of the B-2 in greater detail, specifically through the Cold War. “Cost” explains both the monetary and cultural expense that the United States had to spend on the B-2. “Cultural Impact” explores the way that the B-2 affected American culture and ideology. “Legacy” shows the long-term impact that the B-2 has had on both the military and American culture. “Bibliography” cites all works used throughout the website.

This website was created by Lindsey McCuistion, Daryl Murray, and Nick Skibinski in accordance with Dr. McClurken’s HIST 325 class, American Technology and Culture.


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