Program costs rose throughout development. Designed and manufactured by Northrop, later Northrop Grumman, the cost of each aircraft averaged US$737 million (in 1997 dollars). “Total procurement costs averaged $929 million per aircraft”[1], which includes spare parts, equipment, retrofitting, and software support.  The total program cost including development, engineering, and testing averaged $2.1 billion per aircraft in 1997.  Because of its considerable capital and operating costs, the project was controversial in the U.S. Congress and among the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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B-2 in flight
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Despite the controversy, the budget was accepted rather widely as an important cost in ensuring national security. This sentiment helped lead the nation toward a sense of security at all costs, which was only strengthened by the Cold War.[2] The costs for preventing attacks on American soil was worth it to the public. Still, there were reservations in terms of its initial estimated cost of $70 billion, especially by Congress. One publication that argued against the B-2’s program called it “a sinister gray and black manta ray,” highlighting its continued need for such a large budget despite the government’s attempt at cutting back military programs.[3] These two articles, coming from similar times but different views, show the developing discussion regarding the B-2’s funding. This remained its highest point of controversy, although little else prevented the development and use of the B-2. Military necessity and national security beat all doubts in the public eye.

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