Documentary Storyboard

The documentary will be similar to a historical documentary segment, in which a narrator offers important information and then receives validation through interviewed “experts.” Since no real experts will be available for interviews, we will act out our own expertise. Daryl will be one interviewed “expert” who will explain the militaristic value of the B-2 Bomber. Lindsey will be the cultural “expert” who will explain the cultural impact of the B-2. Nick will narrate before, between, and after the interview sections. In order to keep the film interesting among the talking, photos and videos will take up the majority of the film. The interviewees will only appear when they start and stop talking. Some snippets of music will play in the background to provide ambiance while people speak and to provide an intro and outro. At the end of the video, the credits will roll to cite the video, images, and audio used throughout. A transcript of the video and its citations will appear on the web page dedicated to the documentary. Here is a rough sketch of how the video will go:


[Intro appears along with an audio clip of some patriotic music. The narrator cuts in with the first image of the B-2 Bomber.]

Narrator Nick: The US military has developed a wide array of artillery throughout the years, specifically within aviation. The B-2 Bomber is a product of the Cold War as stealth technology grew in importance. [pans over two images of B-2]

Interview of Daryl, explaining the military significance of the B-2 on the green screen. [background is a landed B-2] Talk about the Cold War and development of stealth technology. [cold war imagery] Talk about antecedents of the B-2. [sketches, prototypes, or images of old bomber jets] Talk about the B-2’s development and use. [blueprints, video of assembly or tests] Talk about what the B-2 meant for America. [v ideo of bomber’s use] [Daryl appears again to deliver last point]

Nick: The B-2 had more than just a military impact, however. Its cost of production was immense. But why spend so much on jets? What made this cost necessary? [B-2 video of production or materials]

Lindsey, explaining cultural impact of B-2 on the green screen. Talk about how US citizens responded to it. [any videos of protest, speeches, or publicity] Talk about its cost and economic impact. [people juxtaposed against B-2 fighters] Talk about any resistance or social response. [images of people for/against B-2] Talk about varying opinions regarding the B-2. [any interview clips we can find] [Lindsey appears again to deliver last point]

Nick, narrating over videos of B-2: The B-2 is an important artifact in American culture. Its military prowess helped make the United States one of the most powerful nations on earth. Its cultural impact helped make Americans feel secure and powerful within their own nation. In the end, the B-2 Bomber had an impact on American culture that is as quiet and distant as its movement through the skies, yet as powerful as its strike. [B-2 flying, then bombing. Fade to black, roll the credits with some patriotic music in the background]

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