Story Board

Block 1: Opens on a woman in the kitchen, frantically running around checking on things in the oven and on the stovetop. ~1 minute

Block 2: She dramatically drops things and halfway cooked food exclaiming that her meal will never be ready by the time her in-laws get there ~2 minutes

Block 3: Freeze frame to a narrator’s voice over. The narrator explains how difficult and time consuming each antecedent is. “Don’t you wish there was something better?”

Block 4: Cut to a shot of the microwave “Well now there is!” ~1 minute

Block 5: Shot of the original commercial microwave, which was 6 feet tall and 750 pounds.

Block 6: Narrator explains how the microwave was initially used ~3 minutes

Block 7: The Microwave become smaller and more compact, became more widely available in homes ~3 minutes

Block 8: Video on how the microwave works basics ~20 seconds

Block 9: Interview with Helen’s mom about how the microwave impacted her and how she used it ~2 minutes

Block 10: Video montage of ramen, cookies, eggs, popcorn, and easy mac cooking

Block 11: Typical college students jumps into frame to announce what they use the microwave for now a days ~2 minutes

Block 12: Mockumentary style interview of college student about how they use a microwave now ~30 seconds

Block 13: Cut to a normal American kitchen with a microwave

Block 14: Narrator describes how American kitchens use microwaves now ~3 minutes

Block 15: Cut to the same woman who was panicking in the beginning to her calmly making food quickly in her microwave

Block 16: Narrator summarizes the impact that microwaves have had on the American home ~3 minutes

Block 17: Fade to family sitting around the kitchen table eating fade to block

Block 18: Credits and citations

Total time is around 20 minutes. This gives us areas to cut once we start to really flesh out the video and see what works and what doesn’t. All images were published with the ability for reuse and are under no copyright.