Documentary Outline

March 17, 2017 | | Comments Off on Documentary Outline

Frame 1: Begin with contemplative music, title slide “Douglas C. Englebart, 2010”
Frame 2: start with video interview of Doug Englebart talking about how he came up with the concept for the mouse
Engelbart, Douglas C. “Inventor of the Computer Mouse.” YouTube video. 2:03. Posted by Neoncon2008, February 25, 2010. Accessed February 20, 2017.
Frame 3: Another title slide “The Computer Mouse: Aglet of the digital world” [fade out to black]
Frame 4: Zooming in to an image of a shoe, narrator asks viewer “When you see this image, what is the first thing you notice? More than likely, your eye was not drawn to the plastic tip at the end of the lace: a vital feature to keep laces from unraveling and helping you to tie your shoes. (shift to image of aglet) This piece is called an aglet. Let’s try another.
Frame 5: Zooming into the image of a desktop computer. Narrator asks “what is the first thing you notice? The monitor? the keyboard? however I highly doubt your eye was drawn to the rounded rectangle with a cord that allows you to navigate the images on your monitor with ease. Yup, you guessed it. This digital rodent is none other than the computer mouse. Despite its mundane appearance, there is so much more to the story of the mouse than one might expect.
Frame 6: Begin discussing the process of developing the mouse. Use relevant pictures to facilitate understanding of the process from inspiration to demo
Frame 7: Show footage from the “mother of all demos”
Frame 8: Discuss more recent developments in the design of the mouse, from a block of wood to the mighty mouse by Apple
Frame 9: Feature demo video for Apple’s Mighty Mouse
“New Apple Magic Mouse Release Video.” YouTube video. 2:25. Posted by “wildwilla.” Oct 20, 2009.
Frame 10: Talk about the future of the Mouse and how certain devices threaten its relevancy, such as trackpads and touchscreens
Frame 11: Focus on a picture of Engelbart with his mouse, narrator finishes with “no matter what the future may hold for this mechanical vermin, no one can deny the impact of the mouse on personal computing and user-friendly computer interfaces.
Frame 12: Rolling credits as our bibliography at the end of the video.

Storyboards for the Documentary: Drawn By Megan Palmer