Documentary Outline

Storyboard Outline:

Scene 1: Opening
-Interviews with various College Students and Professors (to be dispersed throughout documentary):

Questions: What do you think of when you hear the word “Pinball”? Have you ever played Pinball? How much do you know about the Pinball Machine? What would you say if I told you the Pinball Machine had been banned in several cities? What do you think came before the Pinball Machine? What makes a Pinball Machine a Pinball Machine? What do you has happened to the Pinball Machine today? When is the last time you played Pinball? When was the last time you saw a Pinball Machine?

-Explanation of a Pinball Machine (what it is, what it looks like, etc.)

Scene 2: Antecedents
-Images of Croquet, Billiards, Bagatelle
-Shots of people playing pool (to be filmed at the pool table in the University Center)
-Clips from interviews
-Explain how these three games are the antecedents to the Pinball Machine

Scene 3: Creation of the Pinball Machine
-Discuss Redgrave’s improvements
-Additions of Flippers and Coin Slot
-Images of the patents
-Clips from interviews
-Overview of the changes in models, ending with digital versions

Scene 4: Interaction with American Society
-“It wasn’t a smooth transition”
-Banned for marketing gambling to children in several cities (at this point, include images of other coin slot machines, newspaper articles from time period about the banning of Pinball Machines, and images of Pinball Machines being destroyed)
-Arcade Scene (it’s a game of skill)
-Emergence of Hollywood Franchise Themed Pinball Machines (T.V Shows, Movies, etc.)
-Pinball as a collectors item
-“Pinball Wizard” song by the Who
-Clips from interviews

Scene 5: Pinball Today
-Mini Games
-Digital Versions
-Shot of searching through App Store
-Clips from interviews

Scene 6:Ending
-Legacy of the Pinball Machine
-Dramatic Reading of “God, Ronald Reagan, and the Cosmic Pinball Machine” (1st and last stanza)

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Break down of work

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  • Editing: Cameron
  • Filming: Shannon and Cameron
  • Interviewers: Cameron and Danielle
  • Script Writing: Cameron, Laura, Danielle, and Shannon
  • Transcript: Laura and Danielle
  • Bibliography: Shannon