About Us

Welcome to our project website on microwaves! … And by “our” I mean Jessie, Kelsey, Helen, and Madison. We are in a group project together in a course called the History of American Technology at UMW. While the goal of this site is to educate you on this, now, essential staple in our everyday living, on this page we want to introduce you to our group dynamic. Our group is the cliché “teamwork makes the dream work.” While we all posses a different skillset, we all tend to have some sort of input in every thing we did to create this. While Helen and Jessie were the history gurus of the group, Madison and Kelsey were more on the computer/ technology side.

  • Jessie found sources, did background research, did the antecedents and alternatives page and found visuals.
  • Kelsey found sources, images, did the citations for the image, wrote the project proposal, did the Percy Spencer page, and the about me page.
  • Madison found sources and the patent, did the science page, and created the website page and storyboard.
  • Helen found primary and secondary sources, did citation page, found images, did the impact page, and edited proposal and outline.

Documentary: We all filmed interviews for the documentary, as well as filmed the documentary as an entire group.