Website Outline

The website will be separated by sections of discussion that cover the B-2 Bomber’s history and impact as a cultural and technological artifact. Each page will cover a different section with relevant images and sources. The following is a breakdown of what each page will look like.


About Page

This page will explain what the B-2 Bomber is and give an overview of its militaristic and cultural impacts. It will function as the introduction paragraph of the site. The website will also default to this page so that viewers will immediately be able to find information regarding the B-2 Bomber.



This page will feature the documentary as well as a transcript of what the video says. Additional information and citations will be provided at the bottom.



This page will show what came before the B-2 and how they evolved into what made this particular bomber possible.


Cold War

This page will describe the impact of the Cold War in shaping the perceived need for a weapon like the B-2 Bomber. It will give a brief history of stealth technology’s rising importance to Americans during the Cold War Era.



This page will explain what the costs for the B-2 are and how it is produced. Here will explain further the economic impact and lead into a cultural discussion regarding labor and the public response to military funding.


Cultural Impact

This page will go more in-depth on the cultural impact and explain why Americans accepted the creation of the B-2 Bomber not only as something necessary but as something important. It will show how people respond to the B-2, any resistance and praise it received both publicly and politically, and the way it is used as an American icon.



This page will conclude discussion and carry the B-2 forward into its modern impact militaristically, economically, and culturally. It will also explain how the B-2 is a technological artifact worthy of mentioning in history; this bomber jet helped America feel as though it was powerful against its greatest enemy and remains a symbol of power today.



This page will detail all sources used throughout the site, organized into groups of written sources (primary and secondary), media sources, and sources used within the documentary.

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